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Reality Something w/ Sad Baxter & Hollywood Horses

Reality Something (Nashville,TN)

Reality Something’s debut Life Noise is an album that came from a very dark, isolating time. The words you will hear come straight from Elena’s notebooks and are things like “I am a chewed up piece of meat” and “our love is an open sore” and “I can sleep much easier with your teeth around my neck.” At the same time, there’s a real intimacy in the way the record sounds— one that could only be achieved recording at home, by Kingsley in the studio he built himself. His guitar wanders in the same stream-of-consciousness way, sometimes punctuating the bitterness and sometimes disguising it with a catchy riff, but always capturing the emotion exactly how it needs to be heard. Meanwhile, Bill’s bass lines always rumble moodily underneath and Ethan’s drums hit hard, driving the songs like a freight train.

The words in Life Noise are raw and vulnerable and sometimes even ugly. But the things Elena wrote in her notebook after Life Noise, those things are hopeful and determined. Because she took her pain and turned it into something powerful. Because she created something out of feeling like nothing. And because she hopes that when people listen to it, they’ll feel like they can do the same.

— as told by Infinity Cat Records

Sad Baxter (Nashville,TN)

Inspired by grungy, heavy, melodic, mostly loud rock music (Nirvana, Veruca Salt, Hole, etc) Deezy stole her mom's guitar as a teenager in NJ and began her ~*journey*~ of writing angst-filled songs of discontent. Alex played drums in hardcore bands in PA growing up, and the two joined forces when they realized they were both huge idiots. They want to party with you, but in a sad, loud, La Croix/KitKatBar kinda way.

Hollywood Horses (Bham)

The Hollywood Horses are Breely Flower (drums/vocals), Andrew Hollywood (guitar/synth/vocals), and Michael Hollywood (bass/vocals).

21+ I Doors 6pm / Music 7pm

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